Office of the Secretary of State

1st Congressional District

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CRASWELL, Bruce, American Heritage

WHITE, Rick, Republican

INSLEE, Jay, Democrat

American Heritage
Craswell for Congress
PO Box 2304
Lynnwood, WA 98036-2304
Telephone: (425) 778-3965

Isn't it about time we had a congressman we could believe in?

Most politicians just say whatever they think will help them get elected. But Bruce Craswell says what he believes. He's a candidate in the true American tradition, who won't be controlled by big political parties or by special interests. And when Bruce Craswell says something, you know he'll stick to it.

Bruce Craswell is the only candidate in this race who believes in life, liberty and lower taxes. He's the only pro-life candidate, and the only one who consistently opposes more government spending. He's also the only one who will fight to defend our Constitutional rights, such as the right to keep and bear arms.

Rick White used to say he's conservative, but he voted to increase the federal debt limit; he also supported more money for foreign aid, for the United Nations, and for the National Endowment for the Arts. He cast seventeen pro-abortion votes, and he was the only Republican congressman from this state to support legalizing the "morning after" birth control drug, RU-486. And Jay Inslee is no better--on most issues they're like two peas in a pod.

We won't accomplish anything by casting a vote for the same old politics as usual. Instead, let's send them a message for change -- and send it in a way that will make them listen, by using our votes. Vote for Bruce Craswell . . . in the American tradition.

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Friends for Rick White
PO Box 8156
Kirkland, WA 98034
Telephone: (425) 822-9306

Since he was first elected to Congress in 1994, Rick White's goal has never changed. He wants to make our government smaller, fairer, and more efficient so that we can live up to our potential as a great nation.

When Rick White took office, the federal budget deficit was $203 billion. Congress had passed the largest tax increase in history, and Members of Congress considered themselves above the law.

Since then much has changed. Rick White fought to pass the first balanced budget in a generation. This year, for first time since 1968, the federal budget will have a surplus of at least $60 billion. Keeping our fiscal house in order remains Rick White's number one priority.

Rick White also worked to reform Congress. He voted to apply all laws to Congress and to ban gifts from lobbyists. Rick White introduced and passed a bill to require that all campaign contributions be disclosed on the Internet within 24 hours. Rick White voted for term limits. He stands by his pledge to serve no more than ten years in the House.

The quality of life in our area is also important to Rick White. That is why he worked to remove dams in Olympic National Park to restore salmon runs. On education, Rick White believes that parents and local governments -- not bureaucrats in Washington, D.C. -- should make the important decisions. Rick White has also worked to protect our high-tech industries from unnecessary regulation.

There is still a lot of work to do to put our government back on the right track. By electing Rick White, voters will know that their Congressman will not stop working until our country has a government it can be proud of.

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Inslee for Congress
218 Main Street, Suite 196
Kirkland, WA 98033
Telephone: (206) 367-9477

Jay Inslee has deep roots in Washington's first congressional district. He grew up in North Seattle, and attended Ingraham High School and the University of Washington. Jay is a moderate Democrat. Being fiscally responsible, Jay voted for the largest ever reduction in the federal deficit during his previous term in Congress. Jay believes in working across party lines to solve our problems.

Jay and his wife Trudi have worked to help the public schools that their three sons have attended. Jay will continue to work to reduce class size, and to assure student access to the internet. Jay feels a college education should be affordable for everyone, and supports student loan programs.

Senior citizens can be sure Jay will address their needs in Congress. One of his top priorities will be to find ways to fix Social Security without cuts to guaranteed benefits, or increases in the retirement age. Jay rigorously supports Medicare. He is an advocate for a strong Patient Bill of Rights that will insist that all medical decisions be made by a patient and their doctor, not by health insurance bureaucrats.

Jay Inslee has proven himself a friend to those concerned about urban sprawl, and our environment. He protected taxpayers from paying for development in environmentally sensitive areas, and defended clean air and water standards. Jay knows that people are wasting too much time sitting in traffic-- he will fight to bring our federal tax dollars back to our region, and to extend the benefits of our Sound Transit Plan to all our neighborhoods.

Jay Inslee supports real campaign finance reform. As Jay says, "There have been too many squabbles and too few solutions in Congress. It's time to get to work."

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