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5th Congressional District

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NETHERCUTT, George, Republican

BEAL, John, American Heritage

LYONS, Brad, Democrat

Nethercutt for Congress
PO Box 1925
Spokane, WA 99210
Telephone: (509) 747-7737

Born and raised in Spokane, George Nethercutt graduated from Washington State University and received his law degree from Gonzaga University. Before his election to Congress, he practiced adoption, probate and business law. He is married and has two teenage children.

As eastern Washington's representative in Washington, D.C., George frequently returns home to listen to us, and supports legislation based on what he hears. He regularly visits schools in our district to talk to students, teachers and parents about how to improve local education.

Serving on the House Appropriations Agriculture Subcommittee, he has fought for farmers, funding agricultural research and protecting Market Transition Payments. George led Congressional efforts to keep foreign markets open to Washington farmers.

He is proud to be part of a Congress that reduced unnecessary government spending and lowered taxes on working Americans. Today, for the first time in decades, the federal budget runs a surplus, not a deficit. George supports further tax relief so taxpayers can keep more of what they earn.

He voted to preserve Medicare and prevent it from going bankrupt. He is a leader on healthcare issues -- supporting legislation to protect patient rights and lift so-called "gag rules" that prevent doctors from advising patients about treatment options. He wants to strengthen Social Security for this generation -- and the next.

He supported the most fundamental welfare change in 60 years, replacing welfare with workfare. He authored legislation to protect our families by increasing prison sentences for drug pushers who prey on our children.

In his next term, George will build upon the progress he has already made. He will remain accessible to us, because he is a representative who understands that to represent means to listen. George listens. What he hears in eastern Washington guides what he does in Washington, D.C.

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BEAL, John
American Heritage
John Beal for Congress
PO Box 1075
Mead, WA 99021
Telephone: (509) 467-0912

This great nation was established on the principles of freedom: life, liberty and property. Our founders knew personal responsibility and self-government to be the cornerstone of freedom. We are losing our freedom because we have elected representatives who do not understand the proper function of civil government; representatives who are willing to expand government's role in every area of our lives in order to please the people by relieving them of personal responsibility.

Unfortunately, the result is rampant crime, a loss of private property rights, oppressive government regulations, an assault on the family, and exorbitant taxes in order to fund these very things that are destroying our families and our Nation.

We are taxed at the federal level to support federal programs and bureaucracies that the federal government has no lawful authority to be involved in. I will work to return the federal government to its limited, specifically enumerated powers, and return all other rights and responsibilities to the States and to the people.

"Slowing the growth" of an out-of-control federal government is not victory, or even winning "incrementally"--it is losing at a slower rate. We need to get the federal government out of the business of health care, education, abortion, welfare at home and in foreign countries, "art, and every other illegitimate and unlawful activity.

Our government is a reflection of the people. Your vote is the currency of your virtue. If you agree with the current direction of the federal government, vote for either of my opponents. But, if you want a Representative who will truly uphold his oath of office to protect your life, liberty and property, then vote for the Representative who will work toward "securing the blessings of liberty" ... vote for John Beal for Congress.

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Lyons for Congress
PO Box 9448
Spokane, WA 99209
Telephone: (509) 327-4960

As a third generation native, I am committed to being a strong, independent voice for Eastern Washington. I am determined to put Congress on the side of hard working Eastern Washington families.

If elected, My priorities will be:

Working for a real patients' Bill of Rights: HMOs should be forced to put the needs of patients and medical personnel first. Treatment decisions should be determined by qualified health care providers and patients - not profits.

Protecting Medicare and Social Security: Senior citizens deserve better than Congressman Nethercutt's votes, that cut Medicare by $270 billion and Medicaid by $163 billion in order to give $250 billion in tax cuts to the rich. This is deplorable. I will work to keep Social Security solvent into the 21st century.

Strengthening education: George Nethercutt voted to cut Head Start, tried to cut student loans by $10 billion and wanted to take $472 million from the Safe and Drug Free School program. I want to invest in an educated workforce and ensure that our schools are safe.

Restoring farm price supports: The safety net for farmers, that was cut in the radical 1996 Farm Bill (supported by Gingrich and Nethercutt) should be restored, while preserving those elements of the Bill that gives farmers greater flexibility in their individual operations.

My family has been in Eastern Washington for more than 100 years. A former County Hospital Commissioner, I am a businessman, farmer, Chamber of Commerce member, and Washington State University graduate. My wife, Arlene Lyons and I are co-owners of Masterpiece Tile, a small business and have two sons -- one is in grade school while the other serves in the United States Air Force.

I look forward to the opportunity to serve you and would be honored to have your support.

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