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Legislative District 26
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State Senator
    Betty P. Ringlee - Democrat
    Bob Oke - Republican

State Representative, Position 1
    Patricia Lantz - Democrat
    Ed Mitchell - Republican
    Ted Haley - Independent Candidate

State Representative, Position 2
    Brock Jackley - Democrat
    Lois McMahan - Republican


Betty P. Ringlee

Committee to Elect Betty Ringlee
11313 67th Avenue N.W.
Gig Harbor, WA  98332
Telephone: 253.857.2129
E-Mail: dringlee@harbornet.com
Web Site: www.ringlee4senate.com

Betty Ringlee is a proven community leader. She knows the issues of the 26th District and will not fail to represent the people’s voice for accountability in Olympia. Betty believes we must cooperate beyond the gridlock of party politics to solve our crisis of transportation. She has been an active opponent of tolls on the Narrows Bridge since first proposed.

She believes to compete globally, Washington must have a better-educated workforce. Betty will work to reduce our local property taxes by fighting for full state funding for basic education. She supports education reform and reduced class size to deliver quality education to every student with no excuses.

An avid boater, sportfisher, and outdoor enthusiast, Betty will work to protect Washington waters and lands for the future.

Elected to two terms on Peninsula School Board, served on numerous education, transportation, land use boards and committees, Betty is well respected for getting things done. Betty, David, and son Christopher have lived in Gig Harbor for 22 years.

The economy and our quality of life have suffered long enough without leadership that truly represents the voice of the 26th District. It’s time for a change – elect Betty Ringlee.

Bob Oke

Citizens for Bob Oke
PO Box 323
Port Orchard, WA  98366
Telephone: 360.871.6380
E-Mail: bob_oke@tscnet.com

As a young man, Bob Oke joined the U.S. Navy and served his country for 26 years. He and his wife, Judy, have three children and eight grandchildren. Bob is a member of Grace Bible Church and an avid outdoorsman. In 1990, 1994, and 1998, the citizens of the 26th District elected Bob to represent them in the Washington State Senate. His voting record has earned him recognition for outstanding achievement from organizations representing children, veterans, sportsmen, small businesses, farm families, and natural resources. He is a recognized leader on transportation, natural resource, and family issues.

Bob works with legislators from across the state and both parties to get things done. Bob sponsors legislation in all areas of government to help people solve problems. He is respected for his honesty and determination. Bob has worked tirelessly to end youth access to deadly tobacco products, to win safe and dependable passage across the Narrows, to protect the family as the foundation of our society, and to preserve the natural beauty and bounty of our state. Senator Oke has earned another term in the Senate. He cares, he works hard, he gets things done. Please vote for Senator Bob Oke.

Thank you.


Patricia Lantz

Committee to Re-elect Patricia Lantz
PO Box 187
Gig Harbor, WA  98335-0187
Telephone: 253.853.4560
E-Mail: vote@votepatlantz.org
Web Site: www.votepatlantz.org

A Washington native, longtime District resident, wife, mother and grandmother, I have a record of providing our communities and families with strong, effective representation in Olympia.

In these difficult times we must keep our values and priorities: creating livable wage jobs -- with health benefits for working families; strengthening our schools and colleges; improving transportation; and building communities where we can live and raise our families in safety and with optimism.

For children in crisis, workers without healthcare, seniors unable to afford their prescriptions, government must step up. With your vote I will continue my work on your behalf.

Ed Mitchell

Mitchell for State Representative
PO Box 186
Port Orchard, WA  98366
Telephone: 360.895.9574
E-Mail: ed@vote4mitchell.com
Web Site: www.vote4mitchell.org

Ed Mitchell is concerned about the future of the 26th District and our state. Ed doorbelled his district and has listened to the people he will represent. They told him they are worried about keeping their jobs. Ed knows he can be their voice in Olympia to make Washington a place where old jobs are secure and new jobs are welcome. Ed listened as the people worried about state spending and the economy. Ed Mitchell believes government should live within its means just like you and Ed do. A vote for Ed Mitchell is a vote for common sense government.

Ted Haley
Independent Candidate

Ted Haley Campaign
4718 185th Avenue Court KPN
Vaughn, WA  98394
Telephone: 253.884.3745
E-Mail: docs@medicope.org

Member Tacoma candymaking family. Married, 4 children, widowed, remarried. MASH surgeon, Korean War. Practiced 35 years in Tacoma. State Senator, Representative 10 years. Retired Lt. Col. Doctored poor in Chicago, Bolivia, Rwanda, Pakistan.

For: Non-fossil fuels. Rapid transit. Pro-choice, gay rights, assisted suicide, cloning, stem cell research. Universal medical care. Drugs, prostitution legalized. Free birth control, abortion, sterilization for 3rd world poor. Metric system. Handgun locks, registration. Alternate phonetic English spelling. UN military force. Treat Israel, Palestine equally. Less military spending. State income tax. Higher teacher pay.

Against: Capital punishment. War on drugs. Farm subsidies. Corporate welfare. Tough immigration laws.


Brock Jackley

Citizens to Re-elect Brock Jackley
343 N. Callow
Bremerton, WA  98312
Telephone: 360.479.4151
E-Mail: Brockfor26@cs.com
Web Site: http://www.brockjackley.com

As your State Representative, I have worked hard to be a responsible leader who focuses on achieving real results for our families.

I helped strengthen our local volunteer fire departments, ensured a state-of-the-art emergency center for our district, helped make schools safer for our children, and balanced the budget without raising taxes.

I am proud to be endorsed by a broad coalition including business leaders, labor, teachers and law enforcement.

As a husband, father, small business owner, and former teacher, I understand the needs of families in our district. I pledge to continue putting your interests first in Olympia.

Lois McMahan

Friends to Elect Lois McMahan
PO Box 422
Gig Harbor, WA  98335
Telephone: 253.857.7408
E-Mail: vote@mcmahans.org
Web Site: www.mcmahans.org

Lois, wife, mother, grandmother and 22-year resident of the 26th District, believes elected representatives must never forget they are not spending their own money, but yours--the taxpayer’s. She is committed to accountability in government, eliminating waste, and reducing excessive taxes and regulation on individuals and businesses.

A former teacher, Lois believes we need to get more state education dollars to the classroom, emphasize basics, and increase local control and parental choice.

Lois will work for property tax reform so people won’t lose their homes.

As a legislator, Lois worked for safer communities and punishments to fit crimes.

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